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Our Own Felt Chore Chart


Contribution by Kennith Griffin

I thought it was so funny a few weeks ago when my daughter came home talking about a play date that she had at one of her friends' house. She was telling me about all the things that their family had in their house, including a chore chart. She thought it was so neat that they had a chore chart and wanted for us to make one. I thought it was too good to be true and told her I'd make one, which would mean that she had chores to do.

I decided to jump on that as soon as possible and make one. So I went online with our ISP to find some directions on how to make one. I found some to make a felt one that sounded really easy so I decided to go with that one.

My DIY felt chore chart turned out really well and my daughter was still surprised about it when I was through making it. I'm curious as to how long her excitement about doing chores will last.

MI was compensated by my friends at for this guest post.

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