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Sending Out Christmas Cards Early

Guest post written by Abigail Truman

One of the things that comes with preparing for Thanksgiving is getting our Christmas cards ready to send to friends and family. I always like to put them in the mail the Monday after Thanksgiving so that I at least have that huge Christmas responsibility out of the way.

This year though, I thought about sending out some DIY cards instead of just some store-bought ones. So I went online to figure out how much trouble DIY-ing cards would take me. As I was getting some ideas online, I ran across this website and decided to sign up for one of the internet packages that were featured on it.

Well, in the end I decided to send out DIY holiday cards and got to work on them at the beginning of November. I actually got all of them made in time for addressing and stuffing them in envelopes before Thanksgiving and had them ready to mail out on the Monday afterward. I'm not sure that I saved much money by making instead of buying them, but I had a lot of fun doing it.

MI was compensated by my friends at Clearwire for this guest post.

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