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Blue Sky Scrubs and Crafting

Sometimes I'm a very messy crafter and I usually have to wear an ugly old shirt to protect my clothing. I'm here to tell you that there is an alternative!

There is an alternative. Wear nursing scrubs when making your crafts! They come in so many different colors! You will find them to be extremely comfortable and easy to clean. They are so versatile and you won't have to worry about messing up your other clothes.

Cheap scrubs from Blue Sky Scrubs can be thrown in the wash and dried in the dryer. It doesn't get better than that and you know it if you wash as many loads of laundry as I do.

Scrub clothing is really the way to go. I was thinking about all the money I would save because I tend to splatter paint and get glue stuck where it isn't supposed to be - namely, my clothes! I'm ready to jump over and buy the Original Scrubs because they are not only inexpensive, but they also look great with...:
  • stitching on both back pockets of the scrub bottoms
  • stitching on the pocket of the scrub top
  • scrub pants are between a flare-leg and a boot-cut
  • scrub tops are tapered at the waist
Obviously, they are cute and I also love the family all dressed alike. I love the uniformity of it all especially since I can throw them all in the same load of clothes. The scrub tops and scrub pants would obviously be comfortable to work in if you are in the medical field, but I think a pair or two should be a staple when you craft. Since I always did crafts with the my daughter and niece, I would have just loved having them wear the Blue Sky Scrubs for kids and I'm sure they would have loved them too. The fabric can take the rough and tumble of children too, so think of all the money I could have saved!
Blue Sky Scrubs for kids

A rather fun item at Blue Sky Scrubs are the fashion-forward scrub hats and scrub caps for women. They carry three different hats:

The patented Pony scrub hat®

I wish that when Alyssa was splatter painting, we had the Pony scrub hat® to protect her hair from all the paint. Currently, this hat can be purchased in hundreds of colors and designs

Scrubs are no longer ugly, boring uniforms. Instead, they are a fashionable and stylish alternative for casual wear during many activities spanning from crafting to nursing to sleeping in them as pajamas.

I'm hooked on comfort and scrubs rank high on the comfort scale!

The Redhead Riter

My opinions are valued and I was compensated by my friends at Blue Sky Scrubs for this post.

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