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#5 Laws of Advertising

Who is in your market? What type of person do you target for your business?

Knowing your market is vital to the success of your business. Let's think about this for a moment...

Would you market golf balls to new mothers?

Would you market cloth diapers to deep sea divers?

Would you market paperback books to the blind?

sales person

Look at your product. Does the general population know that they need your product? Catch the wording...Do they know they need your product? This knowledge can result in two actions.

1. You market your product to the right audience, the general audience sees it and then buys it
2. You are a fantastic sales person and are able to convince the audience that the product is worth buying (example: the Pet Rock)

First step in advertising is to learn and know your product inside out, upside down and backwards. Here are a few questions to ask yourself about your product:

• What is it?
• What is it made of?
• How does it work?
• What is required to make it work?
• What are the dangers and precautions?
• Why do I need it?
• How will it improve my life?
• Why should I buy it from you?
• Why is it better than another product?
• How much does it cost?
• Where can I buy it?
• Can I buy it online?
• How much is shipping?
• Can I return it hassle free?
• Can I get my money back quickly?
• If I need help, how do I contact Customer Service?

When asking these questions, try to think of yourself as the customer. What kind of answers would you want to hear if you were being approached with this product?

Next, think of the people that make up the audience:

• Who is your target market?
• What is their age?
• What is their gender?
• What is their station in life (mother, widow, child)?
• What is the income of your market?

Will you need to change any of the answers to your product question based on the target audience questions? Thinking about the audience will help direct your answers to all the product questions. It is important for businesses to design their online sites with the target audience in mind. Not only should the graphics, color, font and navigation be applicable to the product, but it also must be directed towards the target audience. You must appeal to the senses of the people you want to buy your product.

Always keep your target audience in mind not only when choosing a product, but also throughout the entire selling process be it face-to-face or online.

The audience is the key.

The Redhead Riter

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