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Are You Paying Attention To Your Customers

Customer service is key

We all know that without customers, a business would only have their own product or service. Customers make a business. Do you pay attention to your customers?

1. Be genuine. If you can't be real, get out of business. We all dislike a phony.

2. Customer needs. Pay attention to the needs of your customer and work to fulfill them.

3. Affected. Your customers are affected by your decisions. Have you thought through the plan when you go on vacation, raise prices, change ingredients or switch styles?

4. Make it easy. The customer should not have a problem finding your or purchasing your services or products. Online shopping should be a snap without a bunch of hoops to jump through first. That can quickly deter a sale.

5. Communication. Talk to your customers. Ask questions. Seek feedback on your services and products. Is your customer happy?

6. Benefit. Ensure that your customer knows up front the benefits in shopping with your as opposed to other vendors. This will help make the sale and keep the customer.

7. Details. Pay attention to the little details. If everyone hates the color, but it is your favorite, it won't sell! See the point? Do you want to be your only customer? If someone complains, take the time to address them personally. Don't send out form letters. Do you like receiving a form letter and being a number?

These are just a few of the things that you can do to make and keep customers for your business.

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