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#3 Laws of Advertising

Advertising costs money

Advertising is worth the money.

When I was an Avon representative ten years ago, before they had websites for everyone, I worked hard and smart. While others would order 25 books to pass out, I ordered 3,000. That wasn't a typo. I ordered 3,000 books, 3,000 plastic covers for the books and stamped the date in red on 3,000 books after which I stamped my name/phone number in blue on 3,000 books. I could have said that in one short sentence, but I want you to get the full impact of 25 books vs. 3,000 books.

Granted, I spent a whole lot more on 3,000 books and I did not immediately see the rewards. I remained constant. Every two weeks, they found a new Avon book on their doorknob. By the third campaign, they were hooked. Out of 3,000 new homes getting the book for three weeks, I would pick up 50-100 new customers. It was a given. If I invested the time and money, I would get more customers.

You have to know from the very beginning that the only way you are going to make money is if you advertise. Advertising is not free. There are places you can advertise for free, but if you invest a little money in as many places as possible along with the free advertising, you will be better off.

In the beginning, you probably will not have unlimited cash flow. Wise spending is a must, but it also has to include advertising. If people do not know about your product, they will not buy it and you will not make money.

Calculate the numbers and set aside the amount you are going to use for advertising. Include as many different venues as possible. Advertise on bulletin boards, websites, blogs, newspapers, flyers, business cards, phone calls, emails...Everywhere!

Just must spend the money to make the money.

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