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Copyright© Facts

• Almost everything created privately and originally after April 1, 1989 is copyrighted and protected whether the piece contains a notice or not.

Works not registered or protected under copyright, may enjoy protection by trademark or some other form of contract law.

Your artistic works are copyrighted upon creation, as soon as they’re “fixed in a tangible medium of expression.” If you do nothing further, the law forbids others from copying that goes beyond fair use. Readers can’t take the patten and detailed descriptions you’ve posted and copy them verbatim, but can they make and sell the craft described? That depends on the copyright in the crafted object: a richly patterned sweater’s surface design could be copyright-protected, but its shape would not. Further, if you’ve published a pattern, readers probably get an implied license at least to make the craft from it. That means too, that when you’re on the other side, using someone else’s patterns, you’re free to take uncopyrightable methods and “useful articles,” but limited in taking full-blown expression. Taken from Craft Magazine at

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