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In order for your craft to be successful on the internet, there are few steps you can take that can steadily advance your business to promote and sell your product. The computer can be your #1 selling and marketing tool.


Research your product, the cost to make it, the selling price, the amount of effort to make the product and its popularity to the general public. Ensure that the product you are making or selling is a viable product.

Non-competitive sites linking to your site

Search engine spiders need to crawl your site often which is the key to getting plenty of traffic on your site. The common practice of getting back-links from non-competitive sites, the value of these backlinks (this demonstrates a quality site to the search engines) still lies in the search engine crawlers reporting back more information about your site.


Enough can not be said about writing content. A little content here and a little content there will get you a little traffic here and a little traffic there. The information you write on your site should be fresh and new like the product you are selling.


Use keywords in your meta tags, site and marketing materials. Keywords are words that people would use while searching in the major search engines for a site that sells your type of product. There are many sites that will help you find keywords and key phrases that will describe your product and are used most often. A couple are Word Tracker at or Google Adwords at

Become an author on other sites

Often other sites will not pay you for writing, however, not only do you get more visibility to the public, but you also will obtain back-links for the search engines to popularize your site and products. Enough can not be said for marketing your site through every possible way.

Social networking

This leads me to discuss social networking at sites such as Twitter, Digg, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. Five out of 10 social media tools evaluated in a recent study ("Community and Social Media Study," conducted by the e-commerce consulting firm the e-tailing group and online customer review firm PowerReviews) are being used by more than 50 percent of brands and retailers. This sends a clear message ---- Join forums to post discussions, meet new people, and obtain more visibility to your product. Also, social networking through sites such as Twitter are invaluable in sending links of your site and posting a very prominent display as a background. Every time someone clicks your name, the product on your background will appear with the link to your site. Fantastic marketing!


Have fun! If you are not enjoying the product you make or sell, change it. If you enjoy what you are doing, it will not only be easier to dedicate the time needed to make it grow, but it also will make you more money. You are starting from the beginning, so choose wisely. If your computer skills are weak, take a class to enhance them. The more knowledge and proficiency you enjoy while working on the internet drastically reduces the frustration thus adding to a happier mood.
Macy's man selling Jones of New York

Image: Macy's man selling Jones of New York

Great salesman! He definitely makes me want to buy Jones of New York!

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