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The Steps to Selling Successfully

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What is selling?

A simple definition is persuading someone to buy one's product or service.

Communication is the key.

It seems like everything we do always boils down to communication. However, honest, persuasive and clear communication is absolutely necessary to closing a sale. Following these basic steps in the selling process will ensure your success.

1. Preparation and Research
• Know your product inside out and upside down
• Know who is the decision maker
• Know the person and company
• Reinforce a positive relationship
• Know the consumer's needs
• What can you do for them?

2. The Introduction and Meeting
• Value their time and be on time
• Be friendly and smile
• Show your honesty and integrity
• Smile
• Listen intently to their needs

3. Qualify
• Question to determine needs
• The other person should talk 80%
• Gather answers to questions
• Confirm answers to questions
• Do not interrupt
• Be approachable and direct

4. The Presentation
• Appeal to their emotions
• Prove your worth
• Agree on person's needs
• Establish the connection
• Prove their need=your solution
• Clearly communicate
• Demonstrate unwavering honesty
• Use the buyer's language
• Sell yourself
• Maintain control

5. Close
• Ask for the sale
• Negotiate
• Overcome their objections
• Leave no doubt
• Answer all questions
• Their emotions=logic
• Be the "friend"
• Be source of knowledge

6. Follow-up
• Finish paperwork
• Ensure delivery
• Ensure satisfaction
• Overcome problems
• Gather more information
• Thank the customer
• Reminder of your worth
• Check back later

You've read the list and you may be thinking, "How does this apply to my online sales?"

Whether you are selling face-to-face or online, your goal is the same - Make the sale. The disadvantage of the internet is that you must have steps 1-5 in your initial presentation and meeting so be INTERESTING.

If you have the advantage of a previous relationship and friendship, the person will be more open to listening/reading your entire pitch. The most successful sales begin with a relationship.

Network. Use every means available to let your personality shine through so that your honesty is apparent. Online social networking includes Twitter, Facebook, My Space, Digg, YouTube, blogs, emails, and many more. Be engaged and ever present. The squeaky wheel really does get the grease!

Be sincere and motivated. If you are not sincere, you will appear pushy and we all do not like to be pushed into anything. Selling is not for everyone. You need to have a basic love for people and enjoy interpersonal relationships and communication.

Set your goals and remain centered and focused. Once you follow these steps and commit to your goals, let the process work. Be steady and persevere with your plan. Do not waiver or doubt your worth and value.

Success awaits you!

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