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Attitude of a Salesperson

How can you become a good salesperson? A key element of being a successful salesperson is often confused with concentrating on actually selling the product, but it is really about meeting the needs of the customer. This can only take place if there is a positive relationship between the salesperson and the customer.

Norman Vincent Peale said" "The most important thing I've learned in my life is that positive thoughts produce positive results and negative thoughts produce negative results." A few more key elements that make up the attitude of a salesperson are: consistency, integrity, tenacity and a strong work ethic.

Successful sales people set personal targets that exceed those formally set for them. Personal accountability and a winning, positive attitude is a strong motivating force.

Every interaction with the customer must be positive. A positive attitude begins with knowing that there are possibilities and hope no matter how the circumstances appear. When I started my own business, I had one mother. Most people looked at me and said, "Wow, you will never make any money." I didn't just see my my mind I saw my mother's co-workers, her friends, my friends, my neighbors, my neighbors' neighbors, my neighbors' co-workers, my neighbors co-workers' neighbors, and you get the picture. Yes, there were setbacks which I had to ignore and say, "Next!" because there are literally SO MANY PEOPLE.

The salesperson must believe in themselves and the products they sell which is subsequently reflected in their enthusiasm. His/Her enthusiasm during customer interactions generates trust and confidence in the customer's mind. The relationship with the customer is of utmost importance because without it, there can not be a sale.

Another aspect of being a successful salesperson is enjoying what you're doing. If you're not happy and positive, the customer will see it and most likely mistake it for a lack of confidence in your product. Besides, when you are happy IT SHOWS in everything you do, how you act and how you appear.

It is easy to teach a person the techniques of being a salesperson, but finding that person with a consistent and contagious positive attitude is priceless because their successes exponentially exceed their more hum-drum counterparts.


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